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Tuesday, July 27, 2010


Monday, July 26, 2010

Hello my followers! i want to tell you about my SUPERDUPERBESTFRIENDS!!!!!!!!!!!! you know them? of course.. DEBOW and now I want you to meet them!! see the picture..from the alphabet A-Z

1) Hanifiya Padmadia
she's smart,beautiful and funny and she's the best!!!!!!!!!!

2) Mia Audina
she's my chairmate!!and she very crazy haha peace and she's the best!!!!!!

3) Septi Sahara

she's my exchairmate..she's very crazy hahaha and she's the best!!!!!!

4) Vina Khoirunnisa
taciturn but she's funny too hahaha and she's the best!!!!!

and no one can replace them in my life☺ loveyousomuch mygirls♥

Saturday, July 24, 2010 must see my new edited photo!!!! ha? thx haha..and now look my background hahaha

Saturday, July 17, 2010

HAYHAY today i went to vina's house with's very very fun!! in there i took a photo and went to pancious pancake house ^^ wooow i went use a taxi in there i ate double tiramisu..fiya ate double oreo cheese and vina ate coco pancious OMG I'm very satisfied huhu and my pancake remaining huhu and fiya too hahaha after that i back to vina house and wait my father to pick me up..and then i ate soto with my father,mother and my brother!!!hihi goodbye ^^

Friday, July 16, 2010

HAY blogger i want you to know about this day... as usual i was late to school! and i decided to not go to school but my little brother remain in school hahah be patient bro..hmm oke after that i stayed in my grandmother's house i'm very very tired in there but i can't sleep in there huhu :( but it's okey don't worry..then i ate a bread and just watched a television after that i went to market with my mom in there i just bought a yarn and back to my grandmother's house again..and at 1 o'clock my brother come back from school and we come to my home sweet my home i just watched television again and slept a few minutes i writing this blog and playing a music with a tittled watcha say - jason derulo this is my favorite music HA HA okee see youu!!!xoxo

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

HELLO gdnight blogger!!i want to tell you about my new class ^^..actually my class is IX-4 but.. i think i'm not comfortable with the class so i move to the class IX-5.i swapped the classroom with naliya hahaha,so now i'm in IX-5!!!!my chairmate is mia hihiii it so fun,but..i feel sad because when mrs elfira teach in my class she insinuated me huhu.. she say"move the class is not may" huhh i feel very fear.but i make bold to tell her about that..and you know what?she's not angry with me and she allow me to move class haha i feel very very happy..thanks mrs elfira..oh i almost forget mrs elfira is guardian class of IX-4 hahaha okee..don't tell that anymore,now we're just tell about happy the class of IX-5 the guardian class is mr susilo,he teach math hahah,okkkkkkk that's all about my class gdbyeee xoxo

Thursday, July 8, 2010

heloo blogger i know you really miss me!!because me too..hmm oke now I will tell my story on this day.okeee first i watched world cup!!!of course..match between spain vs germany!!and of course i defend spanyol!!!!!and you know what??the winner is spanyol!with the score 1-0,which provides score is Carles he's great hah..and then i sleep at 4 am and i just remembered i have to go school to list again and i had to get up at 9 o'clock ..and for today i woke up at 9 am!!i'm still very sleepy..i took a shower afterwards..and went to school..i arrived at 12 o'clock!! mia and vina was waiting for me.then i list again..after that i with them went to ambasador,i always laugh at the way hahah it's very fun!!!at ambassador i ate at bakmi gm hahaha.after that i returned vina's home use a there i just drink hahah.then i returned home use a vina's home at eight o'clock I was watched harry potter and the order of the phoenix!!daniel radcliffe it's very cool and handsome!!but of course xavier samuel more than him hahahaha!!and at 11:46 o'clock i write this blog!!GOODBYE BLOGGER I'M VERY HAPPY TODAY XOXO